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Why Use Our Protective Wraps For Your Camera Lens?

padded wrap

When you’ve invested in an expensive camera, you want to take the greatest possible care with your investment. Individual camera lenses in particular can be fragile. Scratches will damage a lens if it’s exposed to a harsher surface.

You also need to protect a camera lens against a dusty, moist environment because fungus can bloom inside a lens. Damage to a lens is expensive, so using a protective wrap will save you money in the long run. Otherwise you might have to end up buying replacements before you should have to.

Wraps are particularly useful when you don't need to carry all your photo gear, but still want to protect your camera and lens. Wraps will prevent you needing to pack away your equipment completely. Instead you can easily unwrap what you need, when you need it.

Our protective wraps will keep your camera lens safeguarded against dust, dirt and scratches.

Constructed of padded hook and loop knit, with a non-scratch backing, these protective wraps can also be used to protect tools or other gear. An excellent versatile wrap, they’re brilliant for storing and transporting camera equipment.

Praetego delivers quality protective wraps to customers across the UK. Photographers from all types of backgrounds love our products.

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