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The Brand

Praetego UK

 prae- +‎ tegō (“to cover, protect”)

Praetego UK was founded by Flory Smart in 2022.

With technical fashion background, Flory aims to bring style, colour, and authenticity while ensuring technical equipment protection.

The name Praetego was chosen as it is Latin for "cover/protect," aligning with the brand's emphasis on providing protective solutions for technical equipment. This decision reflects the core value of safeguarding customers' equipment while also encompassing the essence of the products offered by Praetego UK.

London-based brand prioritizes customer satisfaction, sustainability, and quality by designing and producing products in the UK. Our customer-centric approach focuses on individual needs, offering products like camera bags, lens pouches, and protective wraps. Praetego's production strategy is demand-focused, aiming to minimize material waste and cater to customer preferences. Protective wraps can transform any bag into a camera bag, providing versatility for photographers on the go.​

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