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  • What is a camera wrap?
    Versatile padded protective wrap, with soft, non-scratch lining, wraps is any shape. Best used when you want to travel light, using a backpack instead of a heavy camera bag. Best used for camera, lens, laptop, tablet, Ipad, Go-pro, drones, and any other gadgets you with to transport or store safely.
  • What are camera wraps made of?
    Camera wraps are made from 2mm foam bounded knit with a soft, non-scratch backing lining. Velcro on all 4 corners, keeps it fastened nice and secure.
  • What can i use a camera wrap for?
    This versatile wrap can be used for cameras, lens, tablets, i-pads and pretty much any gear you wish to protect. Out and about? No need to carry a heavy camera bag. Wrap your camera and place it in any rucksack or hand bag. Vintage cameras are often sold without a camera bag. Using a adequate wrap will protect your investment. You don't have a knee pad with you? Fold the wrap and use it to protect your knees.
  • Who is behind Praetego team?
    Praetego products are designed by experienced designer / product developer, collaborating with a team of photographers. Products are tested by photographers. Every product is tested before released for sale. Praetego aims to design for amateur and professional photographers alike. We saw a need for a quality multi-functional case that can be customized to whatever needs protection. The ability to instantly wrap your valuables – no matter the unique shape or size – offers a versatility unmatched in the industry. While there are thousands of cases for cameras, lenses and tablets on the market, there is nothing like Praetego wraps.
  • How many wrap sizes are available?
    Wraps are coming in 3 sizes 15 inch /38cm 19 inch / 48cm 23 inch / 58cm
  • What are lens pouches made of?
    Lens pouches are made from waterproof outer heavy duty fabric with wadding padding and non-scratch lining. Wadding is used instead of foam to allow flexibility to be folded and packed in your bag, when not in use, saving you space.
  • How many sizes are available for lens pouches
    We have 4 sizes available Small Medium Large Extra large
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